Advantages of Playing Online Poker

Aside from the obvious — the convenience of playing from the comfort of your home, there are many benefits to playing poker online versus playing in a land-based casino.

Many poker players are considering online poker but aren’t sure how their skills will transfer to the Internet. If you’re on the fence, perhaps these advantages online poker offers will convince you to play a hand or two online:

Non-Stop Action

You won’t have to plan a trip to the casino, take time off work, or dedicate an entire weekend to playing a single game. The beauty of online poker lies in the fact that it’s available 24/7. Online casinos are home to millions of players all over the world. You’ll have no trouble finding a table to join, any time of day or night.

Faster Games

Since everything’s digitalized, the games tend to be a lot faster. You don’t have to wait for the dealer to shuffle and deal the cards. Additionally, the rounds are typically timed, so you won’t grow old waiting for the other players to decide which play they want to make.

If you’re good at multitasking, you can even play on multiple tables at once. With online poker, the options are limitless. You can play however fast you prefer.

No Tells

When you’re playing online, nobody can observe you and try to read your “poker face.” There are no tells online which could help you figure out what cards the other players are holding. However, as much as this can be an advantage for inexperienced players, it is a disadvantage for the pros.

Still, if you play a few rounds at the table, you can start to notice patterns. So pull out a pen and a piece of paper and take notes on your opponents’ actions. Jot down when they call, check, and raise, and try to see through their strategy.

You Can Play with Any Bankroll

Regardless if you’ve joined an online poker room for fun or you’re aiming to win big, you’ll find a perfect table in a matter of minutes. Any reputable online casino with a poker room features dozens of tables with varying stakes.

So if you’re looking to get some practice, online poker offers a plethora of tables with low stakes and even micro limits. Conversely, if you’re prepared to go “all in,” there are plenty of tournaments you can join, with prizes of $500,000 or more.


There aren’t many online casinos out there that are keen on letting you play poker for free. However, some will give you an opportunity to join freeroll tournaments. These tournaments require no buy-in and offer decent cash prizes to the top players.

Bonuses and VIP benefits

Some casinos offer both matching deposit bonuses and no-deposit bonuses strictly tied to poker. For instance, you can take advantage of the BoVegas welcome no-deposit bonuses in 2019 and play any of the available online poker variants with up to $50 of essentially free money.

On top of that, there are plenty of generous online casinos offering fantastic promotions. Some even have VIP clubs, where you can accrue points by merely playing. You can later redeem these VIP points for a variety of different benefits, including free cash to play with.

Ready to Play Online?

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to play online. It’s a perfect option for anyone who doesn’t have the time or doesn’t appreciate the hustle and bustle of land-based casinos.

Also, you’re not limited to just a few tables, nor must you choose just between Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Every single poker variant ever known to man is available online.

With all that in mind, there’s no reason not to test your skills online.