How to set up your phone for gaming

Although dedicated handheld gaming consoles once dominated the mobile gaming market, with the rapid increases in mobile phone technology and high-speed mobile internet, this trend definitely seems like it is in sharp reversal. If the figures from the best NJ online casino are anything to go by, an increasing number of people are using their mobile phones as their primary gaming device.

Despite mobile phones being more than powerful enough to handle the technological demands of the latest mobile games, however, they do not necessarily come readily equipped for gaming right out of the box. 

With that said, there are a few tweaks you can make to your phone thatwill significantly improve your overall gaming experience.

Limiting your distractions

There are few things worse in life than having your immersive gaming experience interrupted by email, text, or phone call notifications. This is particularly true given that phone notifications tend to flash up on the screen, obscuring your view in the middle of a game. These sorts of distractions can not only decrease your performance but also ruin the immersive feeling of a video game and your overall enjoyment of it. An easy way to optimize your phone for a mobile gaming session is to turn off notifications while you are playing. For iOS and Android devices, this is an easy fix. Simply click the ‘Do not disturb’ option to put yourself in a state of distraction-free gaming bliss!

Free up some space

As mobile games have become more and more technologically advanced, they have also greatly increased in size. Long gone are the days when mobile apps and games would take up a few megabytes! More often than not, the latest mobile games can require whole gigabytes of space to properly run and have enough room to save your progress. To streamline your mobile gaming experience, make sure that you have plenty of room on your phone to get the most out of the lush graphics when you are installing it.

Use a controller

A sure-fire sign that mobile phone gaming is becoming increasingly advanced is the fact that more and more phones are supporting dedicated games controllers. This is usually done via Bluetooth, which allows external controllers to be attached and used in-game. In terms of what this adds to the feeling of immersion in a game, there is simply no comparison between a touchscreen and a dedicated controller in terms of the level of control on offer. Using an actual games controller will allow you to be much more precise in your movements. Additionally, it is also much more comfortable to use than a touchscreen, meaning that you will be able to play for much longer!

Watch your battery

One of the biggest limitations that mobile phones have when it comes to gaming is battery life. This is particularly true given how demanding graphics-heavy games can be on your mobile device. To avoid running out of battery mid-game, you have a number of options. Firstly, you can close all other apps that you have open on your phone and switch on a ‘power-saving’ mode. Or secondly, you can simply purchase an external battery pack, which will significantly extend your gaming session.